Charismatic carbon offsetting


Charismatic carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting could be as simple as investing in a solar farm, but there are many more interesting ways to do it. ‘Charismatic’ carbon offsetting provides additional benefits, such as recreation value and wildlife habitat.
Examples include planting trees here in the UK or supporting communities in developing countries.

Find out more here, in an article I have written for Transform, the journal of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Environment and Sustainability Symposium at Malvern Festival of Innovation

Quest for Future Solutions is delighted to be helping to organise the Environment and Sustainability symposium at this year’s Malvern Festival of Innovation. Join us on 10 October to learn about innovation in making cities more liveable – and sustainable; how innovation in the insurance industry can help us stop climate change; innovation that can help us use energy more flexibly, making renewable energy work better for us all; how innovation in actuators can be used to tackle climate change; and how innovation is helping us to recycle critical and strategic elements such as rare earths.

Sustainable Tourism presentation

Earlier this week, Visit Herefordshire ( organised a forum for local tourism businesses and organisations. I gave a presentation to the group on Sustainable Tourism. If you’d like to know about our sustainable tourism audit and other ways we could help your tourism business, please call me on 07904 389889 or email me on

After an interesting morning, Robert from Old King St Llama Farm ( had a go of throwing a pot with help from our hosts, Eastnor Pottery ( I was really impressed with the quality of the pots that everyone was throwing – visiting the pottery could be a really good family or team-building day out. Why not give it a go?


Is your organization attractive to millennials?

US investment bank Morgan Stanley has recently reported that 86% of the millennial population are interested in sustainable investing.

This supports previous research indicating that millennials think that profit should not be the only driver for an organization.

How might this affect your organization? Having good sustainability credentials could help you to recruit and retain staff. Employees might also be interested in where you invest their pensions. If you are listed on the stock market, then you need to remain attractive to investors. And, of course, most organizations have millennials as customers.

What has your organization done to ensure that you make the most of this interest in sustainability by the millennial population?