Our Quest

Our Quest

Our ‘Quest’ is to make a massive positive change for this world.

Working ethically, we will support you in your quest to improve your performance using environmental and energy management systems.

Equally at ease in the boardroom or on the shop floor, we will be a partner, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and adding value to management systems, processes and new products.

Our values

We have five core values that not only form a part of our business, but our lives as well.

  • We believe in humanity – showing respect and being a good neighbour
  • Make a massive positive change
  • Business is an adventure where honesty, integrity and loyalty are essential
  • We want to be challenged and to challenge
  • We will do things in a fresh, new way.

We intend to have fun whilst we work, we intend for you to enjoy working with us, and we will deliver on our promises in a sustainable manner.