Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems

When developing your energy management system and preparing for certification to ISO 50001, you want to be confident that the system will be beneficial to your organisation as well as meeting the requirements of the standard.

Energy review

Get a good understanding of your significant energy uses, the operational controls you need to put into place, and some opportunities for performance improvement.

Legal requirements and evaluation of compliance

We can set up a register of legislation relevant to energy, tailored to your organisation and with quarterly updates so you can be confident of your position at all times.

We can also audit against these requirements so you can be confident of your compliance status.

Energy audits

A fresh pair of eyes can make a big difference when it comes to energy efficiency. We expect to find savings of at least 10% with little or no financial expenditure, and up to 50% with some capital investment – and have never yet failed to meet this standard.

“Julia excelled in every task she undertook. She was extremely capable and demonstrated very high professional standards. The energy audits were completed to a very high standard.”
John Kyffin-Hughes, Coventry City Council, 2014

Writing the system

Your system must bring real benefits to your organization, as well as meeting the specified standards for certification. We have written management systems for clients across a broad range of sectors, and seen many more examples of what does and doesn’t work in other organisations. Together, we can set up a system that works well for you.

Preparing for your external audit

Are your external audits stress-free? The trick is to be prepared; to have a strong internal audit programme in place, conducted by a competent auditor. Our audits will help you to identify and close gaps in your system, existing non-conformities, legal non-compliances and areas for improvement so you can be confident when the external auditors arrive. We can also support you during your external audit, for that extra degree of comfort.

Internal audit

Internal audits should add value to the organization. Do yours? Are they conducted by someone who knows about the system, the requirements of the standard and legal requirements? For many of our clients, those people working for the organization who know enough about the system to audit it are often not impartial.

Employ us to conduct your internal audits and you know that you are getting:

  • Impartial, qualified, experienced and highly skilled auditors
  • Great value from your internal audits.

Troubleshooting your system

Does your energy management system inspire your entire workforce? Provide a platform for achieving huge success? Or does it feel horribly bureaucratic; like something that keeps you from your ‘real’ work? Are you struggling to find areas for continual improvement?

We often see management systems that just aren’t working as well as they should for the organization concerned. We can help to turn things around with our troubleshooting service, and generate significant benefits for your organization.

Transition to ISO 50001:2018

Are you confused by the new standard? Not sure whether your system meets the new requirements? We can help! We are an approved external auditor for the new standard, so we know exactly what needs to be done. We can conduct a gap analysis, provide directors’ briefings, help you to identify your compliance obligations, consider the context of the organization and conduct a risk assessment with you, to determine what changes are needed to meet the new requirements.

The changes are designed to help you derive performance improvements – let us help you make the most of these changes.

Why us?

We have decades of experience and have worked with hundreds of management systems in a wide range of industries and organisations. Julia is also an ISO 50001 auditor for BSI, so she has a good knowledge of what is required to meet the requirements of the standard.