Is your emergency preparedness adequate?

Climate change

Is your emergency preparedness adequate?

One of the (many) environmental impacts of Hurricane Harvey was a toxic plume from a chemical storage facility. The flooding associated with the storm had left them without power, which they needed to keep the chemicals cool enough to remain stable.

I don’t know what emergency preparedness planning they had put into place, but clearly it wasn’t effective under those conditions.

We are experiencing more heavy rainfall and more flooding here in the UK. We are also expecting to have more heatwaves.

Are your emergency plans adequate to effectively respond to significant weather events? What are the environmental and business implications if they’re not?

How can you use trees to boost wellbeing?

There’s a growing body of evidence that being near trees boosts well-being. Trees also take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and turn it into oxygen, shelter buildings from wind and extreme temperatures and provide habitats for a wide range of birds, insects and mammals.

Do you have a patch of ground near your place of work that you could plant some trees on?Tree planting