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First major stadium in the UK to gain ISO14001 certification

Group on pitch
Group on pitch

Manchester United has once again proved their desire to be the best off the pitch as well as on it, by becoming the first major stadium in the UK to achieve the international Environmental Management System standard, ISO14001.

This is an exciting moment for us; we’ve been working with Manchester United for ten years now, and it’s great to see them receiving recognition for everything they’ve done.

Managing a large stadium has its own unique challenges. Exactly how do you manage an influx of people equivalent in number to a whole town, all the food they eat and waste they produce, all the temporary staff who just work on match days, the large buildings that are not always in use and a pitch that’s shaded by stands? All of these things make it extremely difficult to set up robust and workable management systems, but with some input from us and a determined and skilled team at MU, those difficulties have been overcome.

We’re also excited about the chance to help other stadia achieve the ISO14001 standard. We’ve produced a FREE guide to achieving ISO14001 and ISO20121, written specially for stadium managers. Click on this link to order a copy: www.stadiumtips.co.uk